STI Steps Towards Safer Tyre

The following steps are taken by STI to keep standard tyres on vehicles:
  1.  Institutionalising official standards for correct specially branded tyres for use in Nigeria Рthe Nigerian Metric Standard Designation
  2. Discouraging the importation of nonconforming tyre
  3. Encouraging Partner Manufacturers to supply specially branded tyres in accordance with standards
  4. Encouraging Motorists, starting with Commercial vehicles and Government vehicles to use the safety branded tyres
  5. Enabling access by encouraging soft tyre loans from Partner Financial Institutions over 6 -12 months period
  6. Establishing a Standard Tyres Platform driven by technology and Public Private Partnership, PPP to create access to standard tyres specifically branded for Nigeria
  7. Enforcing use of branded standard tyres with the collaboration with SON, FMT, FRSC, Police, Special Marshals and VIOs and citizens nationwide
  8. Retraining and revamping vulcanising processes and procedures as support infrastructure
  9. Administering access to Standard Tyres Platform through User-friendly Enterprise Portal
  10. Empowering small-scale entrepreneurs to operate special digitally assisted kiosks on franchise to serve as standard tyres vendors